About Little Flat Creek Ranch


Little Flat Creek Ranch began in 1991 as a family operation to ensure the continuation of wildlife, native to Missouri. 

Since then, our ranch has grown to cover over 1,800 acres of beautiful Ozark Mountains, including pastures, hardwood timber, spring fed streams, and a gorgeous 17-acre lake. 

Currently, the ranch holds Whitetail Deer and Eastern Turkeys, and our waterways are home to Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Catfish, and Rainbow Trout. 

In 2015, the Mareth family purchased the ranch, and then in 2017 they created the LFCR Dream Foundation, a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization, giving Catch-A-Dream the top priority at the ranch. The ranch has continued its partnership with Catch-A-Dream and added fishing to our capabilities. 

In 2018, we extended our outreach to include Charlie 22 Outdoors to offer hunting and fishing trips to our country’s Veterans, who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe and free. We currently are continuing to grow our partnerships with these two organizations. 

Currently, the ranch holds Whitetail Deer and Eastern Turkeys, and our waterways are home to Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Catfish, and Rainbow Trout. 

In loving memory of Ranch Founder and Visionary, Mr Bill Roller, 2/10/1938 – 4/22/2020


Our Founder Mr. Bill Roller grew up on the ranch and he spent time enjoying all of the aspects of life our Creator put here for us to enjoy. One thing he remembered vividly was the shortage of whitetail deer.

Our History - How we started.

In 1925, Missouri experienced the lowest population of Whitetail Deer they had ever seen. Approximately 400 deer covered the entire state. As Mr. Bill Roller grew older and more successful, he wanted to ensure his family never had to worry about a deer shortage again. 

In 1991, Mr. Roller purchased his family farm, and began a strict management plan for Whitetail Deer. 

By 1998, Bill had created a 1,500-acre Big Game Hunt Preserve, with fencing around the perimeter of the property, and began stocking the preserve with high quality whitetail. 

In 2000, a lodge was built and commercial hunts began to take place on the ranch. 

In 2004, Mr. Roller partnered with the Catch-A-Dream Foundation and began providing hunts of a lifetime for children battling life threatening illnesses. The ranch prospered for several years, and several improvements were made, including a 17-acre man-made lake. 

In 2015, Mr. Roller was ready to retire and pass on his legacy to the next generation. Bill’s daughter, and son-in-law, Julia and Ed Mareth, purchased the ranch and ended all commercial operations there, providing Catch-A-Dream priority over the ranch. 

In 2017, the LFCR Dream Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, was created, and an additional partnership with Charlie 22 Outdoors was formed. Charlie 22 provides hunting and fishing trips of a lifetime to our Nation’s Veterans. 

Still today, the Ranch operates solely for the LFCR Dream Foundation, providing multiple trips a year to the Catch-A-Dream Foundation, Charlie 22 Outdoors, and other organizations who practice the same values as us. As the Ranch continues to grow, and more trips take place every year, we can’t help but thank our founder, Mr. Bill Roller, for his passion of the outdoors, and giving back to those less fortunate. 

Our Future - How we operate.

Little Flat Creek Ranch operates solely under the LFCR Dream Foundation, a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization, providing hunting and fishing adventures to the Catch-A-Dream Foundation for the children they serve who are battling life threatening medical conditions. We also provide outdoor adventures and retreats to our Nation’s Veteran’s.

On very limited occasions, we can provide outdoor adventures and retreats to other organizations who follow and believe the same values we do. These trips come at no cost to these organizations. We are only able to do this because of our dedicated partners and sponsors, who support us, not only financially, but with their time as well.

Here’s how you can help. 

All of these donations made to our charitable Partners are funded by the LFCR Dream Foundation, a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. This is made possible by the amazing Partners and Sponsors that constantly support us and our mission. If you would like to learn more about becoming a sponsor or donating, please take a moment to send us your information and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your kindness. 

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