Little Flat Creek Ranches


The Little Flat Creek property and our lodge are available exclusively to the families associated with the charities we support, ensuring we’re able to meet their needs and offer memorable hunting and fishing experiences.

Our rustic lodge offers an ideal place for rest between hunts and fishing. Four bedrooms, each decorated in a unique wildlife theme, provide the perfect setting for a peaceful night’s sleep. Meals are furnished in the lodge’s spacious dining hall, and a large patio with picnic tables provides outdoor seating as well, allowing our guests to enjoy the beauty of our property. A cozy living area, complete with comfortable couches, a big-screen TV, and a fireplace, is a great place to lounge and relax. Large windows throughout the lodge afford our guests a stunning view of the property, and ample balcony space makes it easy to enjoy the fresh country air from any part of the building. Because we make every effort to provide that famous Ozark hospitality, you’ll feel right at home.